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The Grousbeck Gene Therapy Center is an academic research center devoted to the broadening of therapeutic gene transfer in modern medicine. Our focus is on internal and collaborative preclinical and clinical research studies, technology development, and enabling resources for the community.

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Vandenberghe Lab

The Vandenberghe Lab is the Grousbeck Gene Therapy core laboratory focused on developing and translating genetic therapies to the clinic with an emphasis on blindness and other neurosensory disorders. Researchers in the Vandenberghe lab work at the intersection of medicine, virology, engineering, immunology, synthetic and systems biology to innovate genetic medicine.

Vector Core

The Gene Transfer Vector Core (GTVC) provides high quality research-grade viral vector preparations to support basic research and preclinical gene therapy studies for academia and industry. GTVC has its primary expertise in adeno-associated viral vector (AAV) preparation, qualification, and application.

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