Vishwa Vachhani

Student Intern

Education: Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology (Atmiya University), P.G. Diploma in Bioinformatics (NV Patel College of Pure and Applied Life Science, CVM University), Currently pursuing a Master of Science in Biotechnology (Northeastern University)

Research Projects: I am currently engaged in developing a novel mouse model to study retinal degradation resulting from Fam 161a deficiency. Additionally I am actively involved in conducting sectioning and staining procedures as part of this project.

Research Interest: Gene Therapy, Gene Knockout, Vaccinology, Virology, Drug Discovery, Infectious Diseases, Bioinformatics

Career Ambition: Empowering lives through impactful biotechnological solutions, leveraging my passion and expertise to make meaningful contributions that address pressing societal challenges.

Awards & Honors: Understanding Cancer Metastasis (John Hopkins University), Introduction to Molecular Spectroscopy (The University of Manchester), The Science of Stem Cells (American Museum of Natural History), Collaborated in a six-day E-workshop on National Competitive examinations, organized by Gujarat State Biotechnology Mission, Represented my college by participating in a two-day international webinar on biotechnological advancements of the 21st century, Engaged in National Seminar on recent trends in system biology and Omics Technology

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