Eric Zinn, Ph.D.

Systems Biology Graduate Student

Education: B.A. – Biological Sciences, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, 2008-2012

Research Project: Engineering novel AAV Capsids for Gene Therapy; Investigating nature of amino acid interactions in the AAV capsid using evolution; Multiplexed analysis of protein libraries; In silico prediction of useful AAV mutants.

Research Interest: Allowing theory, computation, and experiment to influence each other in pursuit of scientific discovery.  Also, I like pretty charts.

Career Ambition: Convince a benevolent billionaire to fund moon-shot projects regarding synthetic life

Membership: AAAS, ASV, ASGCT

Awards and Honors: C.J. Luther Scholar 2011-2012, J.G. Nolan Scholar, 2010-2012, Herchel Smith Graduate Fellowship, 2015-Present

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