Rajani Shelke, PhD

Title: Scientific Associate

Educational Background: PhD. I continued as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Gainsville on caloric restriction in aging brain. I spent about three years at Boston University working on VEGF signaling in angiogenesis.  By now my son was born and I took time off to raise the family.  After two years, I jumped back into research in a supportive role rather than an independent researcher. In Dr. Sacha Nelson's lab at Brandeis University, I spent about two years supporting multiple projects by providing AAV and Lenti Viruses for the lab members. From Brandies, I moved to Tufts University to continue the work on vector production and efficacy of gene transfer in ocular diseases in Dr. Rajendra Kumar Singh's laboratory. To continue with my experience for the past few years, I am currently a member of the Vector Core facility in Dr. Vandenberghe's research group.

Research Project: I work with the vector core to make highly efficient AAV's.

Research Interests: Gene Therapy, Ocular Diseases.

Career Ambition:  To be able to need based high efficacy vectors for gene therapy.

Contact Information: rajani_shelke@meei.harvard.edu

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