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Dr. Vandenberghe is trained as an engineer in biological sciences and received his PhD in biomedical sciences from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium. His doctoral work focused on structure-function studies of the adeno-associated virus (AAV) and its use as a gene therapy vector in the Gene Therapy Program at the University of Pennsylvania (Penn).  Shortly after his PhD, he was appointed Director of Translational Research of Penn’s Gene Therapy Program. Afterwards, Dr. Vandenberghe remained at Penn when he joined the Kirby Center for Molecular Ophthalmology as a Senior Scientist. In 2012, Dr. Vandenberghe joined the faculty at Harvard where he directs the Gene Therapy Center and joined the leadership of the Ocular Genomics Institute.

Dr. Vandenberghe is a virologist and molecular engineer whose research is driven by the aspiration to broaden gene therapy approaches for blinding disorders. His bench-to-bedside program works in three main areas: 1. Biology and host response of gene transfer, 2. Development of enabling technologies to improve therapeutic gene transfer, and 3. Translation of specific therapeutic programs for blinding disorders. 

Email: luk_vandenberghe@meei.harvard.edu

Administrative Assistant: kelsey_stappen@meei.harvard.edu


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