Heikki Turunen, PhD

Title: Postdoctoral Fellow

Educational Background: MSc in Biology (majored in genetics) from University of Turku (Turku, Finland) in 2004. Title of Master’s thesis: Imaging the changes in cells' acting cytoskeleton during wound healing in the wing imaginal disk of Drosophila melanogaster. PhD in Medical Physiology from University of Turku (Turku, Finland) in 2011.

Research Project: Expanding the use of the adeno-associated virus as a gene therapy vector in congenital retinal disorders.

Research Interests: Gene therapy. Regeneration. Translational molecular genetics.

Career Ambition: Advancement of knowledge. Enhancement of human wellbeing.

Membership: Associate Member of American Society for Gene & Cell Therapy.

Awards/Honors: Best scientific presentation award. Centre for Reproductive and Developmental Biology (CREDE) symposium, 1.12.2009, Turku, Finland.

Contact Information: heikki_turunen@meei.harvard.edu

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